Boys School Uniform


The school outfitters who stock the recommended school uniform are:

  • Samuel Daw (in Cross Street, Barnstaple), for uniform.
  • Park School - the only supplier of the PE kit. 
  • Park School - the only supplier of the House tie.

School uniform should be worn every day unless there is a ‘non-uniform day’.

  • Park School Blazer*
  • Park School Black 'V' neck pullover/sleeveless pullover (optional)
  • Park School Black tailored trousers** (see below note)
  • White shirt and House tie (worn at the neck with minimum of 4 stripes showing)
  • Black/grey socks
  • Sensible Black shoes (not trainers with a coloured/white logo)

The Park Community School House ties can only be obtained through the School Office.

P.E. Kit:

  • House coloured long-sleeved games top
  • Black shorts
  • White polo-shirt. (preferably – but optionally – with the school badge in yellow on the left-hand side).
  • Football socks (black with yellow at the top)
  • Training shoes (not boot style) and non-marking soles exclusively for P.E
  • Studded boots for Rugby and Football,
  • Towel
  • Gum shield for contact sports.

Don’t forget to mark all your games kit and school uniform with your name!


For the GCSE PE Kit, please click on link to the Proserve website who supply the GCSE Polo Shirt and Fleece.  A copy of the order form can be found here

School Blazers

*Blazers must be worn to and from school, unless students are advised during hot weather that it is a “Shirt-sleeve Order Day”. Blazers should be worn at all times around the school; with a common-sense approach being taken to the wearing of blazers in the classroom.

*It is essential that all Blazers are named on the inside label.

School Trousers 

**Please note the recommended "straight" or "slim fit" school trousers are only available from Samuel Daws and Govers. Any trousers labelled as "Skinny fit" from any supplier, are not acceptable.


Outdoor Coats should, ideally, be of one colour (Black or Blue)

If a student should come to school in non-uniform, he/she must anticipate being asked to wear appropriate school uniform from school stock or be sent home to change.