Computing School Clubs

Type When Staff Room Who
ICT GCSE Drop-In Tuesday Lunchtime All ICT Staff IT1 Years 10 & 11
ICT GCSE Drop-In Tuesday After School All ICT Staff IT1 Years 10 & 11
ICT Club Wednesday Lunchtime All ICT Staff IT1 All Years

Every Wednesday lunchtime the students have the option of using simple visual programming language to create computer games using Kudo software and are able to enter the monthly Microsoft Kudo Competition.

Kodu Teaches more than Programming

  • Kodu is a rich tool for narrative creation and storytelling.
  • Kodu demonstrates that programming is a creative medium.
  • Kodu helps children with critical thinking, breaking a complex goal into manageable steps, and iterate on the design process – an approach applicable to all academic subjects, business and personal relationships.
  • Kodu introduces the logic and problem solving of programming.
  • Kodu introduces conditions and sequences, which teaches cause and effect.
  • Students learn about cooperation, logic and creativity in addition to programming.