Year 11 Exam Curriculum Updates

You may be aware that over the summer, Ofqual carried out a consultation regarding any potential changes to the GCSE Exams in the summer of 2021. Our subject leaders are now starting to get confirmation from the individual exam boards as to what changes, if any, there are. Subject teachers will discuss these with your child and we will publish the information on our school website as the information becomes available.

English Literature and Language - Eduqas

You may be aware already that Ofqual have agreed to make changes to the GCSE English Literature exam for the 2020-21 exam series. This applies to our current year 11 cohort only.

The following GCSE Literature papers for 2020-21 will be set; students take both papers.

Paper 1 

Section A: Shakespeare (either Macbeth or Romeo & Juliet depending on your child's class)

Section B: Post 1914 Prose (either An Inspector Calls or Lord of the Flies depending on your child's teacher).

Paper 1 is wholly compulsory for all students taking Eduqas GCSE Literature.

Paper 2:

Section A: Poetry Anthology

Section B: Unseen Poetry

Section C: 19th century text.

For Paper 2, students must complete two out of the three sections.

We have made the decision that Park students will complete Section A and Section B in the Paper 2 exam. Park students will not now study the text for Section C.

Our students are in a very fortunate position that they have already studied around 85% of the Poetry Anthology module and have not yet started studying the 19th century text with their teachers.

The Unseen Poetry section uses the skills from Poetry Anthology and applies the same skills, in the same types of questions to unseen poetry. These two sections of the paper link strongly together, and it would not make sense to drop one poetry section when students would have to sit the other poetry section Therefore, it makes sense for our students to focus on the studied Poetry and to not complete the 19th century text section. 

For GCSE English Language, the only change that has been made for all students in England and Wales is that the Speaking and Listening presentation can now be completed without an audience, without the questioning of the student after their speech, and does not need to be recorded. Your child's class teacher will be giving your child the option of giving their presentation in class, outside of lesson time, or by recorded video sent to their class teacher. As before, this component does not have a percentage of the GCSE English Language mark allocated and students receive a separate Speaking and Listening certificate of Fail, Pass, Merit or Distinction as did previous year 11 cohorts.

Moving forward, this decision means that our aim is that students will have completed their GCSE English Language and Literature courses by January, and class teachers can devote the remaining time to teaching, revising and extending content that was part of the curriculum during the lockdown period whilst also completing the usual exam practice and whole course revision part of the year 11 curriculum.

Most students have already been made aware of this decision by their class teachers and have been in overwhelming support of the decision and the reasons behind it.

Mathematics - AQA

There are no planned examination changes for the mathematics exams in the 2021 exams.