At KS3 students are taught the essential drama skills needed to communicate and engage, introducing a variety of techniques in order to explore the drama in depth. Students study a range of issues, such as prejudice; play texts, including Shakespeare and historical theatre styles. At KS4 students follow the Edexcel G.C.S.E Drama curriculum, exploring issues and texts in a practical and collaborative way. They are given opportunities to perform their work and to see professional theatre. Written tasks focus on developing critical analysis skills within extended evaluative essays.

Curriculum Overview


Year 7

Year 8

The Mansion

Developing character




The Incident

Spontaneous Improvisation

Responding in role

Creating tension


Exploring prejudice

Responding in role



Research theatre style




Research theatre style

Performance technique

Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Exploring text

Creating atmosphere



KS4 –Edexcel 2DR01

Year 10

Year 11

Following the Edexel exam board, pupils will develop the necessary skills in year 10 that they will be assessed on in year 11.

Controlled assessment.  Unit one and two include practical and written elements, whereas unit three is practically based.

Term one

Explorative strategies

An introduction to the key skills of drama using a variety of themes and stimulus.

Developing evaluative writing skills.

Researching technical aspects of theatre

Unit two – study of a text 30%


 4 videoed assessed practical lessons 15%

1000 word evaluation of work 5%

2000 word Review of a live performance 10%

Study of a text

Exploring one substantial play text.

Focus on style and form, character and plot.


Mock review of a professional theatre performance

Unit One – Study of an issue 30%


4 videoed assessed practical lessons 20%

2000 word evaluation 10%

Term two

Study of an idea/ theme or issue

Exploring ideas and opinions on a specific topic.

Using explorative strategies to develop ideas.

Appreciating the work of others.

Written evaluation of the practical work.

Unit Three – Performance 40%

Pupils work in small groups to develop their own short play, either devised or text based. This is performed to a visiting examiner before the Easter break.

Term three

Performance skills will be developed through taking part in a performance to an audience. Skill developed include:

Voice and movement


Understanding of form and style

Awareness of audience and other performers