Fortescue House

Head of House - Mrs Claire Goodman, Geography Teacher.
Deputy Head of House - Mr Alan Blanchard, PE Teacher

Tutor Groups:

Year 7: KD, MW
Year 8: KH, AW
Year 9: ES, HU
Year 10: PR, IJ
Year 11: MN, RC

Head Girl - Lucy Phillips
Head Boy- Daniel Mock
Deputy Head Girls- Leigh Balment, Ellie Ley
Deputy Head Boys - Callum Davey, William Morrish

History of Fortescue

The Fortescue name is thought to come from a local family who owned land and manor houses around Devon and can be traced back as far as the 12th Century. Sir John Fortescue (1394– 1480) was Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales during the reign of Henry VI and there is still a law society named after him at Oxford University. The family are particularly associated with manors in Weare Giffard and the estate around Castle Hill, Filleigh.

A portrait hangs in the Fortescue office of John William Fortescue, 2nd son of Hugh who was the 2nd Earl of Fortescue (1819-1859). John Fortescue, is known for writing the definitive history of the British Military from the Norman conquest to the First World War, which consists of 20 volumes and is still available today.

Fundraising for Charity

Fortescue has been particularly strong on charity work over the past five years. In 2011-2012 Fortescue House raised over £1500 and the year before over £2000 for good causes. Every year the house supports the local charity ‘Care for Kids’ and last year tutor group KV used money from ‘Park’s Got Talent’ to provide the charity with a Wii, plus games and controllers.


House News

Once in Fortescue, always in Fortescue!

Last year former Park Community student Jack Bale, aged 18, who currently holds the title of Junior Male 3P British Rifle shooting Champion, contacted Park School to ask if there was any possibility of helping him fundraise to help cover training, travelling and equipment costs. Jack shoots 10m air rifle and .22 rifle at 50m for Great Britain Junior Squad and TENS Academy and hopes to bring home a gold medal from the Olympics in 2020 in Japan. To achieve his goal he is determined, focussed... Read More

MacMillan Charity Donation

On May 16th 2014, Mr Hare from Macmillan Cancer Support, visited Park School to receive a cheque for £206 from Ms Vidlers Year 7 Tutor Group.  This was raised as part of the Fortescue Charity challenge.