Geography at Park is a dynamic and interesting subject.  We study a wide range of both physical and human aspects of geography.  Topics include earthquakes, population, rivers and a variety of country specific studies.  As part of this breadth of study, we also cover subject specific skills such as map reading and cross curricular skills including research, analysis and presentation.

The GCSE course follows the AQA Geography 1-9 Specification, covering units on natural hazards, population and development, climate change, tourism, coasts and rivers.

Throughout all years we strongly encourage participation in fieldwork to support class based learning and we offer a wide range of opportunities to learn the subject through practical experience.  These include activities in a coastal location, study of a local factory, tourist attraction and real life study of a local river.  At GCSE, fieldwork opportunities are increased further, with field-based being part of our controlled assessment focus. The programmes we deliver are fully differentiated to cater for all abilities and learning styles, including dedicated activities for gifted and talented students, with competitions based on research and presentation.

We encourage regular monitoring of news and current issues to support the learning in this subject.

Geography and History Italy 2013

Ms Hall Tomkin, Mrs Goodman and Mr Cuthbertson took 21 Year 10 and 11 students to the Sorrento area of Italy for 4 days. It was a busy few days, visiting the Solfatara hot springs, climbing to the top of Mount Vesuvius, touring the ruins of Pompeii, catching a ferry to the island of Capri and having a go at making our own ice cream! We managed to catch Italy in a heat wave, with temperatures hitting 40 degrees on the day we went to Pompeii.  However it was a fantastic trip, and a great time was had by all!

Following this very successful joint Geography and History trip, we are planning to go again in 2015. See Mrs Goodman or Mrs Hall Tomkin for more information.

Details on the 2015 trip will be available soon!