Governors' Tea June 2012

A Governors’ tea is held for those students who have received 500, 750 and 1000 merits. This is held once a term. The certificates and badges are awarded to each student by the Chair of Governors and the relevant Head of House.

Congratulations to those pupils who joined us with their families at the Governors’ Tea on 14th June 2012 to receive their well deserved Certificate of Achievement from our Deputy Chair of Governors Martin Penny.

Drake House
Bradley Campbell, Kirstie Lane, Emily Potter, Beth Revert, Curtis Rowe, Annie Smalldon and Soylu Hakan (500 Merits Sophie Boden, Ellie Bowden-Edge, Maddie Essery (750 Merits)
Kingsley House
Beth Babb, Josh Butler, Charlotte Harrison-Taylor, Chris Hyde, Taya Lambden, Barney Meadowcroft, Jacob Mccowan-Smith, Rebecca Pudney, Caitlyn Richardson , Isobella Skelton, Sam Symons, Shauna Tapscott and Sophie Urwin (500 Merits). David Dobbs, Beth Nash and Frankie O’Connor (750 Merits)
Fortescue House
Lucy Hawkins, Aerin Parkin, Chelsea Rockey , Cameron Simpson, Jasmin Smale, Fern Clarke (500 Merits) Siobhan Nickels, Adam Rooke and Aeron Williams (750 Merits)
Raleigh House
Shahriar Arian, Alice Bennett, Maddison Burridge, Georgia(Zara) Gabriel, Lucy Gill, Tom Hutchens, Robert Isaac, Kimberley Leson, Bradley Medhurst, Mila Muzard-Clark , Sean Shapland, Beth Stevens, Kara St.John, Daniel Sutton, Sarah Penfold, Hope Taylor, Tally Yelland, Jayde Lewis, Aiden Wayborn and Anthony Penny (500 Merits)
Chichester House
Sam Chowdhury, Jack Moses and Tahmid Chowdhury (500 Merits)