Ian King

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Ian King (1983)

Sky Presenter

I left Park School in June 1983 and then went to North Devon College for two years to do ‘A’ Levels in Biology, Chemistry, History, Law and General Studies. I then went to the University of Manchester where I studied History.

I took a year out to edit the student union newspaper, Mancunion, graduating in 1989. I then went to work for the Midland Bank for a few years – working on a trading floor in the City of London, predominantly, after a few months back in the West Country. I then did a postgraduate diploma in newspaper journalism at City University and straight after the course joined the Daily Telegraph as a business reporter.

I have now been a financial journalist for more than 22 years, working subsequently at The Guardian, the Mail on Sunday, The Sun and The Times, where I was the Business & City Editor.

In April 2014 I joined Sky News as its business presenter and have been doing that job ever since. It’s great fun. I love the world of business and telling people about a subject that some find complicated and confusing.

A good memory was doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award. One of my specialisms was sailing and my mates and I were greatly helped by Tony Pratt, our Geography teacher, who took us out on his boat at Instow. He also came on Tim Edwards’ Italy trips. That’s the thing you don’t really think about as a kid, but that I do now as a parent - the effort that some teachers make, supervising after-school clubs and the like. Going the extra mile.

My advice - work hard. No-one is obliged to give you anything, there are no hand-outs in life. And follow your dreams. I always wanted to be a journalist but wasn’t able to do it straight after university, so I worked hard in banking for a few years in order to save up the pennies and put myself through the postgraduate course that I knew would help me achieve that ambition.

Although it seems like it goes on forever, school is a very short period in your life. So keep plugging away at things. Regrets are terrible things to have – don’t leave school with any