Paul Dunstan

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Paul Dunstan (1998)

Ryder Cup Operations Director

Since leaving Park School in June 1998 I attended North Devon College and took a GNVQ in Leisure and Tourism (Sept ’98 – June ’00) which was followed by a year working to gather funds for university. In September 2001 I started at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University and studied Sports Business Management and Golf Studies which included a year living and working in North Carolina, USA. I graduated in September 2005 and spent some time in Barnstaple working at North Devon Leisure Centre whilst applying for jobs within the sports industry.

In the spring of 2006 I was successful in my application to the European Tour and started working as an Events Intern in April 2006. Since joining I progressed from an Intern to Assistant Championship Director working on more than 50 global golf events including five Ryder Cups, most recently I have been promoted to Operations Director for the Ryder Cup which is the position I currently hold.

I liked the community feel of Park School, everyone seemed to know everyone, both students and teachers, without actually trying to make it that way it felt like a naturally safe environment. Standout memories would be some of the trips we went on – year 7 residential to Exeter and the year 10 trip to Bude for an activity week. I was always more keen on the sports side so can’t honestly say I enjoyed any of the lessons except for PE!

My motivation in life has been to try and be happy and keep perspective on everything. My message to my 15 Year old self would be do what you feel is correct at any given time and be honest even if you feel others aren’t doing so, life ismuch clearer that way. Sometimes you’ll be happy, sometimes you’ll be sad, sometimes you’ll make mistakes, sometimes others will make mistakes. Work hard, be honest, get involved in things you enjoy and give yourself a purpose in sport, music,travel, or anything to keep life interesting.