Raleigh House

Head of House - Mr Per Hampton
Deputy Head of House - Mrs Young

Raleigh Tutor Groups:

Year 7: EP, EW
Year 8: JN, MB
Year 9: CW, SG
Year 10: DG, NY
Year 11: KR, DS

Head Girl - Amelia Pengelly
Head Boy - Barnaby Lethaby
Deputy Head Boy - Tom Paviour-Coward
Deputy Head Girl - Emily Hicks-Holland

“I became Head of Raleigh in 2003 succeeding Mr Amery who had held the post for many years. I have been a teacher since 1992. Before that I taught in a school in Kenya for a term; worked with homeless young people in London for three years and did a variety of jobs during holidays whilst I studied at University.

In my spare time I play hockey for Exeter Hornets; enjoy spending time with my family and love being outdoors whether in the garden, the beach or the hills. During the holidays I love travelling in the UK, Europe and beyond.
As Head of Raleigh House I am determinedly optimistic that every student can achieve their potential. Sometimes they may need a little extra help and guidance but as long as the student, the school and parents/carers work together (the ‘Magic Triangle’) I believe all students can achieve their best. I also value working with my deputy Mrs Cockerham.”



Prefects are selected in year 10 for the Summer term of Year 10 and Year 11. Their job is to help the House and School to run more effectively. They all do duties and have a crucial role as role models and students who can be looked to as being trustworthy and reliable.

Being a Prefect allows you to take on responsibility and shows other students, teachers, parents/carers, colleges and future employers that you are a person who is prepared to give something back to their community.
Year 10 students can apply to be a Prefect as part of their PSHEE programme. If you are interested you must complete an application form and attend a work shop. School staff will then decide if you are a suitable candidate.
In addition each year the House Office selects a special team of Prefects to help run the House. The students who hold these posts have written an additional letter of application and attended an interview. The final choice is down to Mr Hampton and Mrs Cockerham. The House Officer posts are:

  • Head and Deputy Head Boy and Girl
  • Sports Captains
  • Secretary
  • Charity Reps
  • Photographers

Historysir walter raleigh

Raleigh House is named after one of our greatest seafarers, Sir Walter Raleigh.
As a sailor, landlord, Member of Parliament, advisor to Elizabeth 1st , ‘discoverer’ of the potato and a poet he was a man of many talents.

Some historians claim he was nothing more than a pirate in search of gold on the high seas whilst others believe he played a significant role in supporting Elizabeth as monarch.
Which ever view you support I would like to think Raleigh House encourages all of Sir Walter’s positive attributes in its students. Hopefully none will end up be-headed, Raleigh’s fate in 1618!

Fundraising for Charity

Every year Raleigh selects a local, national and international charity to support. Money is collected on a weekly basis by our Charity Prefects and three cheques are sent out in time for Christmas.
Every Autumn term the House decides whether it wants to stick with the same Charities or chose new ones for the year ahead.

Our local charity is currently Care for Kids, supporting the Caroline Thorpe Children's Ward at North Devon District Hospital

h4hnewlogo.jpg Our National Charity

send a cow Our International Charity

Raleigh News

Activities Trophy Winners

Raleigh House Overall Activities Trophy Winners

Students were in high spirits for the Raleigh House end of term Assembly on 11th July.  For the first time in many years Raleigh won the overall activities trophy.  Head of House Mr Hampton thanked all the tutor groups for their efforts over the whole year. “We are delighted” said Mr Hampton.