What do I do if I am absent or on holiday?

If you are absent your parent/carer must contact the school office on Telephone: 01271 373131,  so it can be reported to your tutor on each day of absence. When you return to school, you must bring a note to your tutor explaining your absence. 
Please be aware it is the School’s and the Government’s view that ever minute of every school day is vital.  If you must be on holiday in school time you should go to pupil reception  and ask for an absence request form. Take it home for your parent/carer to complete. Please return the completed form to your Head of House.
For Parents/Carers
Please note if you allow your child to miss School in term time you may be issued with a Penalty Notice per parent per child, or made the subject of court proceedings under Section 444 Education Act 1996.