Trust & Governance

Trust & Governance

Role of the Governing Board

The Park Community School is governed by a board of twelve members. They are charged with ensuring that the school performs effectively in providing the very best education in the broadest sense for every one of its students.  Governors represent the various stakeholders – parents, the local community, school staff and are elected or co-opted for a period of four years.

The Local Governing Board meets at least six times each year to discuss and take major decisions.

The Governors and Headteacher work together to set the long-term strategic direction of the school and ensure efficient and effective use of resources.  The Local Governing Board is accountable for many aspects of the school, and so is supportive of the senior leadership team while also being distinct from them.  The Governors’ role is to question and in so doing, satisfy themselves that the school is doing the best for students, parents and the community.

It is the Headteacher’s role to manage the school while the Governors support through challenge – checking, questioning and holding the Senior Leadership Team to account for the school’s performance.  The Local Governing Board takes all decisions in line with the core values of the school.

Serving the Board are two sub-committees.  These sub-committees are empowered to undertake work on behalf of the Governing Board in specific instances, and also to make recommendations to the Local Governing Board for decisions that require the input of all Governors.

Their responsibilities include:-

Teaching and Learning – what and how we teach, how we support our pupils in their learning and in the broader aspects of life in the school.  An important element of this is the pastoral system, involving the welfare of our students and staff and our relations with our partner primary schools and the community at large.

Resources – deals with the effective deployment of our resources: staffing, physical and financial and the development of the school estate.

Each Governor is expected to become actively involved in the board’s work by joining at least one of our sub-committees. Some volunteer to take an active interest in specific areas, but that is dependent upon their availability.

All Governors are volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and thus bring experience of the world beyond school. Governors do not receive any payment but costs of training and essential travel are provided by the school.

Kim Baker, Chair of Governors

March 2021

Part of the Tarka Learning Partnership

The Park Community School became part of the Tarka Learning Partnership on 1 February 2019.