A welcome from our Headteacher

Welcome to The Park Community School

Generations of Success

Thank you for your interest in The Park Community School. 

I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of The Park Community School and wish you a warm welcome to our website. At Park School, the school leadership team and I recognise the importance of a thriving and successful school and the place it plays in our community. 

The school dates back to 1910 when it was first opened as Barnstaple Grammar School. Since then, the school moved to become The Park Community School in 1973 when it became a comprehensive school serving the entire local community. Throughout Park’s long history, the school has always been forward thinking and developing both in terms of the quality of education, the curriculum we deliver, our facilities and the opportunities we provide. We offer our young people a dynamic, holistic education within a spacious and attractive 22 acre learning environment that has fantastic resources and facilities. 

The world that awaits our students has never been more exciting. At Park we aim to develop lifelong learners that can see the awe in wonder within the world around them. It is therefore vital that we work together to equip them with the support, skills, knowledge and confidence to allow them to flourish with resilience and hope. 

At Park we live according to a set of values that run like a thread through every aspect of school life – Be Kind, Work Hard, Be Here. Each day, we encourage students to be their very best and we work together to create an optimistic, positive culture where expectations are high, and trust and relationships are key. Our House System provides a core to our school; it enables students to feel a sense of belonging and engage in a wide range of competition. 

We are not ashamed of our high expectations and standards. We want Park students to become confident, creative and successful learners, each with a story to tell and a bright future ahead. Our curriculum is academically rigorous, knowledge-rich and has driven improving standards of education. We are proud that 7 out of 10 students achieve highly in English and Maths, where 25% of grades are at a 7 or above. This allows our students a vast choice of further education whether that be locally or further afield with a number of students each year being awarded scholarships for their sixth form studies.

Alongside our pursuit of academic excellence, we pride ourselves on keeping sport, the arts and extra-curricular experiences at the heart of the school. Each year, we have many students who take part in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and tackle the challenge of Ten Tors each May. In addition to this, our teachers provide a multitude of extra-curricular experiences from sports clubs to Dungeons and Dragons, and theatre groups to dance and gymnastics. These aspects of school life develop resilience and creativity and provide experiences that enable Park students to participate with confidence in all aspects of society. We know how challenging life can be for a young person, particularly in recent years and all staff are aware of the importance of student wellbeing . We employ a range of non-teaching staff to support students with their mental health and wellbeing.

I hope that our website gives you a strong sense of our school, our students, our staff and wider community, and why we are so proud to be a part of The Park Community School.

Vicky Owen, Headteacher