Achievement & Successes

We recognise and reward individual students for achievement, both within and beyond the classroom, allowing them to enjoy the stimulation and excitement of contributing to competition between the five Houses.

Merits are awarded by members of staff to students in Years 7 to 11 for good work, effort and any other positive activity deemed worthy of such an award. They are recorded weekly by the Tutor.  The House with the most merits in each half-term is awarded ‘The Work Trophy’.

Individual students are awarded a rosette by their Tutor for 10 Merits and certificates for 25 and 50 Merits. Badges and certificates are awarded in House Assembly by the Head of House for 100 Merits and for 250 Merits, whilst 500, 750 and 1,000 Merit.  Awards are presented at a ‘Governors’ Tea’, to which parents/carers are invited: a badge and certificate are presented by a member of our governing board.

A minimum of 80 Merits (which equates to 16 per half-term) must be earned by each student if he/she is to be considered for the ‘passport’ activity days. The Overall Activities Shield is competed for annually by the five Houses.