A busy term for Careers

A busy term for Careers

Written by Mr K-K, Careers Leader & KS4 Academic Mentor

This term we have had a number of visitors come into Park School to deliver a range of inspiring and informative workshops and careers related events, including:

Years 9 & 10 Advanced Maths Support Programme

Petroc (Gemma Quick – Maths lecturer) partnered with the AMSP (Margaret Harding) to deliver some engaging and competitive maths workshops to years 9 & 10. The aim was to inspire learners to achieve their highest, future GCSE maths results possible, as they progress into Key Stage 4 and to engage with advanced level 3 mathematics.

Margaret also delivered a fantastic presentation on ‘Why study maths?’ How maths skills and problem solving is used in different careers and how studying maths can help with future careers and aspirations. She also hosted a ‘Dragon Quiz’ which all of the students thoroughly enjoyed!

SEADREAM (Science and Engineering Around Devon, Research, Education and More) Masterclass

Some of our top Year 10 scientists were chosen to take part in a Virtual Reality Workshop. The purpose of this was to provide an immersive experience which would inspire students to consider a future in the marine and maritime industries. As well as helping individuals make decisions about career paths within the marine and maritime industries and to enable students to be a VR diver or to pilot a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) on different types of marine vessel.

This workshop was hosted by Dr Juliette Jackson from SEADREAM, who gave a fantastic presentation on her life and career as a Marine Biologist and Teres May with Sue Dingle from the University Centre at Petroc, who assisted with all of the technical equipment and 3-D video production. 

Springboard Virtual Careers Presentation

Our current aspiring chefs in Year 9 and 10 were invited to attend a virtual presentation and Q&A session, which was hosted by the virtual careers hub. Students were given the opportunity to get information about the Hospitality industry from professionals and learn how to start an exciting career in this industry in a compact, virtual session.

They received: 

  • Information about the Hospitality Industry and job roles on offer.
  • Ways to get into the industry.
  • Short interviews with industry professionals about their career paths, their current role and what they love about their jobs.
  • Real-life testimony and accurate information delivered from a current student that is completing their final year, in their apprenticeship.