Chichester House

Sir Francis Charles Chichester

Head of House - Mr Mark Galliford

Deputy Head of House- Mr Michael Cuthbertson

Chichester Tutor Groups:
Year 7: EF, PS

Year 8: GR, JW
Year 9: DW, JG
Year 10: NW, MP
Year 11: AL, JS

Head Girl - Mia Roscoe
Head Boy - Callum Thorne
Deputy Head Girl - Hannah Piers, Maddison Baxter, Jess Price
Deputy Head Boy -  Luke Kyle, Edgar Nuzzo Duma


Sir Francis Charles Chichester KBE (17 September 1901 – 26 August 1972), was an aviator and sailor born in Barnstaple in 1901. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for becoming the second person to sail single-handed around the world, and the fastest circumnavigator, achieving this feat in nine months and one day! (The first recorded solo circumnavigation of the globe was by Joshua Slocum in 1898 but it took him three years with numerous stops). The sea-faring Chichester family were the owners of the grand Arlington Court, the stately home near Barnstaple now owned by the National Trust.

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