Social Networking

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have become increasingly concerned at the huge impact that online social networking in having on the social lives of young people. Despite many years of work through Tutoring and PSHEE lessons, including presentations in both Year and House assemblies, the destructive nature of comments and images posted on social media has continued to influence friendships, cause unpleasantness and present risk.

Not every young person involves themselves in the world of Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, but those who do open themselves to relationships that are created and destroyed at the click of a mouse or the press of a button.

Please work with us in partnership to ensure that your child is safe online and does not engage in the active sharing of images to the risk of themselves or the detriment of others. We cannot stress how much the influence of social media can have a damaging effect upon both the wellbeing of our students and upon their learning.

How can we each remain absolutely sure exactly what is taking place via that computer or i-Pad?
How can we ensure sound protection and safeguard for all young people?

My thanks.
Gareth Roscoe, Headteacher