Geography Rock Stars are announced!

Geography Rock Stars are announced!

Slides - Geography Rock Stars

Congratulations to Raleigh who are champions of this year’s house Geography Rock Stars competition!

Heats took place over a week and participants faced flag and country-based quizzes, with each year taking on a different Rock Star focus.

Year 7’s took on the World
Year 8’s focussed on Africa
Year 9’s were quizzed on Europe
Year 10’s faced questions about Asia
and Year 11’s also tackled the World.

Well done to everyone that took part!

Year 7

Flags Countries 
1ST Raleigh Fortescue
2ND Kingsley  Kingsley 
3RD Drake  Chichester
4TH Fortescue  Drake
5TH Chichester Raleigh

Year 8

Flags Countries 
1ST Fortescue Drake
2ND Raleigh Kingsley 
3RD Chichester Raleigh
4TH Kingsley Fortescue
5TH Drake Chichester

Year 9

Flags Countries 
1ST Raleigh Fortescue
2ND Chichester Raleigh
3RD Fortescue Kingsley
4TH Kingsley Chichester
5TH Drake Drake

Year 10

Flags Countries 
1ST Drake Fortescue
2ND Raleigh Drake
3RD Fortescue Raleigh
4TH Chichester Chichester
5TH Kingsley Kingsley

Year 11

Flags Countries 
1ST Chichester Chichester
2ND Drake Drake
3RD Kingsley Kingsley
4TH Raleigh Raleigh
5TH Fortescue Fortescue