Governors’ Tea March 2015

Governors’ Tea March 2015

A Governors’ tea is held once a term for those students who have received 500, 750 and 1000 Merits. The certificates and badges are awarded to each student by the Chair of Governors and the Head of House.

On a sunny afternoon, parents and other family members gathered in the Dining Hall for this term’s Governors’ Tea. First came the tea and cakes and then we all enjoyed meeting this term’s Award Winners. Hosted in her inimitable style by Mrs Robins (Hevingham), we learned a little about each recipient before he or she received a badge and certificate from Vice Chair of Governors, Martin Penny. Always a very pleasant occasion, everyone enjoys the presentations and learning about each student and the hopes and ambitions each has for the future.

Raleigh House

Year 11: 1000 Merits – Shahniar Arain

Year 10: 750 Merits – Stanley Wilks
500 Merits – Sophie Miller, Louis Perron

Year 9: 500 Merits – George Back, Esther Shaw.

Year 8: 500 Merits – Chantelle Bennett, Katie Brown,

Chloe McGuire

Chichester House

Year 11: 750 Merits – Molly Barrett

Year 10: 1000 Merits – Kate Boorman

Year 9: 500 Merits – Christopher Cohen, Luke Mitchell, Abigail Street, Angel Watt.

Year 8: 750 Merits – Kiara Clarke
500 Merits – Charlotte Chambers, Caitlin Lace, Lydia Surridge

Drake House

Year 11: 1000 Merits – Amber Oreshko, Grace Rogers, Nadine Tucker-Jones,

750 Merits – William Allchorn

Year 10: 1000 Merits – Faye Collins
500 Merits – Rhianna Bradford and Kurtis Weston.

Kingsley House

Year 10: 750 Merits – Harvey Andrew, Sophie Britton, Beatrice Isaac, Ellie Kent, James Sahin

500 Merits – Rees Colville, Ella Jones, Patrick Jump

Year 9: 750 Merits – Daisy Meadowcroft
500 Merits – Jacob Butterworth, Zafira Shah, Rory Hunter,
Shana Hutchings, Zak Lambden,
Amber McCowen-Smith, Max Rumble,
Natalia Stoddart, Alexander Styles, Lewis Turnbull

Fortescue House

Year 11: 750 Merits – Sophie Langford

Year 10: 1,000 Merits – Alice Chamings
500 Merits – Holly Lock, Ben Lovett, Jamie Vodden, Emily Woods

Year 9: 500 Merits – Katie McIntyre, Jessica Penny, Jacob Stanhope, Amber Westbrook

Year 8: 500 Merits – Chloe Bousted, Caitlin Curtis, Eleanor De La Cour