The House System at Park

On entering the school students are placed in one of five Houses: -

  1. Chichester
  2. Drake
  3. Fortescue
  4. Kingsley
  5. Raleigh

and remain in this House throughout their time at The Park.

Heads of House are:

Fortescue –  Claire Goodman, Deputy Alan Blanchard;

Raleigh – Per Hampton, Deputy Sue Young,

Drake – Louise Brierley, Deputy Richard Worsfold;

Kingsley – James Carnall, Deputy, Sandie Blair;

Chichester - Mark Galliford, Deputy Michael Cutherbertson.

One of the most important features of The Park Community School is its House system. It is a source of considerable pride for each student and on entering the School your child will be placed in one of the five houses: Chichester, Drake, Fortescue, Kingsley, or Raleigh. Each House has its own identity and colours, with students wearing their House colour as part of their uniform; on school ties for boys or coloured blouses for girls.

The House system provides students with opportunities to work together as a team and to compete in an open and friendly way. Multiple inter-House competitions run throughout the year, from academic and progress achievement awards to sport competitions. Each House also makes regular collections for charities of their choice and this plays an important role in the life of the school. In addition, each House meets once a week for a House assembly. From Year 7 onwards, students are encouraged to participate in House and School Councils which involve students directly in their school and ways of improving it. This is extended in Year 11 when students are encouraged to accept responsibility as prefects, led by a Head Girl and Head Boy with their deputies.

Parents soon get to know the Head of House and her/his deputy who will be responsible for guiding youngsters through their five years of schooling. The Head of House and deputy get to know families within their House, making for closer liaison between home and school, and gaining a better understanding of each individual’s needs. This system allows students to feel at home in the supportive smaller community of their House whilst also enjoying the opportunities a larger school has to offer.

Tutors are members of the same House as their Tutor Group. The House system forms a major part of our Pastoral organisation. There is a Head (and Deputy Head) of each House who has overall pastoral responsibility for the organising and running of the House, under the guidance of the Assistant Headteacher Mrs Sarah Freeman.

There are Inter-House competitions which run throughout the year. Each House makes regular collections for and donations to, charities of their choice. The money is collected each week by Prefects.

Each House meets once a week for a House Assembly.

Each tutor sees his/her group for one period a week for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Well Being Education. This is organised on a yearly basis by co-ordinator of P.S.H.E.E.(Anne Duthuit) being responsible for co-ordinating and up-dating the Tutor Programmes.

Our Heads of Department and Senior Leadership Team will monitor how students are doing in all lessons.

Year 7 - Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Freeman.

Year 8 & 9 - Assistant Headteacher, Mr Lewin

Year 10 and 11 - Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Mills