Primary Transition

Primary Transition

We have a team of staff to oversee the process of supporting students through the transition period from primary to secondary school, ensuring your child is well supported.

Mrs Helen Paddon is our Lead for Student Transition, if you have a question please contact her directly on her email: or call the school office, tel: 01271 373131.

Transition Information:

  • Parent Booklet
  • Uniform
  • Primary Transition to Park – Timeline
  • Which House will my child be allocated to? If your child has an older sibling who is either at Park or has been a student at Park, our aim is for your child to enter the same House. We also endeavour to place students in the same House as parents and even grandparents!

To book a Primary Transition appointment with SEND team please scan the QR code below or call the school office, tel: 01271 373131.

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