KS4 Revision Techniques

Year 11 Exam Ready Evening

On Wednesday 6th November 2019, we invited parents/carers and students to an “Exam Ready Event” providing talks covering a range of practical tips and tricks, looking at specific revision and exam techniques.  Here is a link to the powerpoint presention shown on the night.

Powerpoint presentation



  1. Write the topic title in a bubble in the middle of a piece of paper or drawing a picture is even better.
  2. Using different colours draw short lines out from the bubble (a couple of centimetres). 
  3. At the end of these lines write the different areas that make up the topic. (Use the section headings on your content sheet to help you.)
  4. Using the same coloured line add further key words to the section of the mind map. 
  5. Try not to write too much on your mind map – focus upon using keywords and small drawings. 
  6. In your next session look at your mind map. Try to explain why each key word / picture has been included on the mind map. Finally cover the mind map up. Can you draw it again without looking? 



  1. Find a quiet space and turn off distractions – phones, tablets, Playstation, music.
  2. Decide how long you will revise for. 4 short sessions of 15-20 minutes are more effective than one long session of more than an hour.
  3. Always create a product whilst you are revising – flash cards, mind map, bullet points, a picture etc.
  4. Always start the next session by testing yourself using the product you created last time.
  5. Focus on the pieces you cannot remember.
  6. Repeat the process as much as you can.
  7. Try to find someone to explain what you have been learning to. If you can explain it to someone else you will remember it more effectively.