London Expressive Art Trip 2017

London Expressive Art Trip 2017

Nothing could dampen the spirits of our Year 10 Expressive Arts students this year as they ventured into London for a weekend of culture. Fifty-seven students from the Art, Photography, Music and Drama departments threw themselves into an action packed itinerary. The activities involved visits to The National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern, The Saatchi Gallery, Borough Market, Camden Market and a Drama workshop at Pineapple Studios, not forgetting, the London Eye!

The Saatchi Gallery had an amazing exhibition called Selfie to Self-Expression. As you can see from this title, this exhibition really captivated our students as they were able to see where the concept of the Selfie originated and how photography and portraiture has evolved in the 21st Century. This exhibition held work which was relevant to all of our students and fed directly into the curriculum.

The Giacometti Exhibition in The Tate Modern was equally stimulating as our students were able to view at first hand some of the wonderful creations which have driven some of the coursework ideas back in the classroom.

The London Eye was an experience full of drama and intrigue, but that will be a story for another day!

“The Selfie exhibition was amazing!”, “I have overcome my fears on this trip”, “A fantastic weekend.”, “I loved both plays and all the galleries”, “I loved it!” ,“Thank you for taking us on the trip. I enjoyed going on the London Eye and visiting the galleries.”