The Mathematics department are committed to engaging and motivating all students in the world of Mathematics. We each have a passion for Maths that we wish to share with students to help them reach their full potential. We are an enthusiastic team of teachers who have high standards and want the very best for our students.

Students are set by ability in Mathematics from the start of Year 7, based on KS2 results, enabling us to challenge and support all students and ignite their passion of Mathematics. Students are assessed regularly to ensure that they are studying the most suitable curriculum for them allowing them to move to the most appropriate set, if required.

Maths lessons follow a regular structure of assessing what students already know and building on this knowledge. It enables us to ensure the curriculum is covered at the appropriate level and pace for each individual student. Lessons will then include a range of activities to support, stretch and challenge all students.

We actively encourage our highest achievers to take part in the UKMT National Maths Challenges, with Year 7 & 8 entering the Junior Challenge and Year 9-11 entering the Intermediate Challenge. Each year some succeed in the top 1% of mathematicians nationally, then participating in the International Kangaroo Challenge against other high achievers. Each year we also take part in the Junior and Intermediate Team Challenges in which our students have the opportunity to challenge other local schools. We recently had a team of students who made it to the national finals in London.

At KS3 we have Maths Challenge Week for all students. This is an exciting event that is tailored to each individual; it is always an enjoyable week for both staff and students. These events include Mathematical treasure hunts, Christmas shopping and Murder mysteries!

The Year 8 pupils take part in a business links project; we have representatives from local businesses to introduce how mathematics is used within their business. This project aims to build on the real life applications of a variety of areas in Mathematics.

The Year 9 students take part in finance week. This is a great opportunity for pupils to understand the world of finance, from home budgeting to running their own business. We are able to get the local banks in to share their financial expertise.

At KS4, students will study the AQA Mathematics GCSE, this consists of 3 exams totaling 4.5 hours, 2 calculator papers and 1 non-calculator. Foundation covers levels 1-5 and higher covers levels 5-9.

As a department we also offer a range of enrichment activities, including supportive twilight sessions for Years 7-10 and a dedicated twilight for Year 11. We also offer a trip to New York to use maths in real life, where students get to see the sights of a big city and visit the only Maths museum in the world!

We truly believe that Maths is everywhere in the world, so we are committed to ensuring that all students are able to leave Park with the ability to succeed in all that they want to do and that they can see the links from what they have learnt at school and how it applies to life after Park.

Students should see their tutor or Maths teacher for the weekly Maths Puzzle of the Week Competition.

Put your entry in the box in room 37 by the end of the week for a chance of winning the weekly prize. Good luck !

Maths Twilight:

These are run every week on a Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3.20pm to 4pm. It is an opportunity to get help with homework, class work and to get support with completing your individual targets.

Revision Guides
At certain points in the year we are able to order these at a discounted rate. Your child will bring a letter home detailing this information.

If you would like to purchase a revision guide from the shops, please ensure that it is for the new AQA 9-1 syllabus.

Practice Papers
Practice papers for the GCSE exam are available from your child’s teacher.

These are a great way to prepare for the GCSE exams.

Revision websites
These are a few of the websites that we recommend for revision:

  • GCSEPod
  • BBC Bitesize