North Devon Football Group Stage: Year 10 vs Chulmleigh

North Devon Football Group Stage: Year 10 vs Chulmleigh

Not only were the Year 10s unbeaten leading up to the Chulmleigh fixture, they had also not conceded a single goal! An incredible record that could have been stopped if they approached this game with the wrong attitude.

It was clear from the first minute that Chulmleigh were going to apply pressure in any way they could, and a few early fouls tested the Park players’ mentality. However, they kept their cool in a pressured situation and Park continued to play their game. Chulmleigh’s physicality eventually became their undoing as Park were awarded two penalties – coolly slotted by Nathan Callister and Oscar Knight.

Chulmleigh worked hard to turn things in their favour but ultimately were beaten by two ‘goal of the season’ contenders from Oscar Knight and Kyle Yeo. Kyle’s first-time-finish was timed perfectly, curling away from the keeper leaving Chulmleigh with no chance of a last minute challenge.

Overall, a solid campaign and now onto the knockouts with the hope of keeping this clean sheet record intact.

Man of the Match: Kyle Yeo
Full Time Result: Park 4 – 0 Chulmleigh

Written by Mr G King (PE Technician)