For students to achieve their very best whilst at school, regular high levels of attendance are vital.

At The Park Community School, we are very proud of our levels of attendance which, of course, we monitor very closely. We are in the top 20% of high attending schools in Devon.

We expect all students to attend every day unless they are too ill to do so or other exceptional circumstances prevent attendance. These are normally agreed in advance with the school. As a rule, we class 95% as minimum acceptable attendance. Government guidelines categorise attendance below 90% as “Persistently Absent” – this is equivalent to missing one day a fortnight.

We have extensive support in place ready to support students and families where attending school can sometimes be an issue. our Educational Welfare Officer is always available and willing to visit and support students. Heads of House, Tutors and our Attendance Administrator, work daily with all students and monitor attendance.

School aged children in Devon maintained schools are expected to attend punctually on 190 days that the school is open. Research shows that children who are taken out of school may never catch up on the learning they have missed. Whilst there are a number of unavoidable reasons why a pupil might be away from school (e.g. illness, medical appointments) any avoidable absence may only be authorised if there are exceptional circumstances.

While, at Park, we closely follow the guidelines laid down we always encourage dialogue with parents to discuss and resolve any issues relating to absence. Please contact the school to discuss any issues or concerns.

Click here to view The Park Community School Attendance Policy.

To request a period of absence for your child please complete the Application For Absence From School.