For those students entitled to free travel to and from school, Devon County organises their transport. We all work together to safeguard students’ wellbeing and always help anyone experiencing any difficulty to get home safely. However, the whole process relies upon the “No Pass No Travel Scheme” that we must please all support:-

  • Only students who show a valid travel pass to the driver on every journey will be allowed to travel. Students must travel on the vehicle indicated on their pass.
  • Please ensure that your child has their travel pass before they leave home every day.
  • Please ensure that your child knows what to do in the event they are not allowed to travel or the bus does not arrive (e.g. because of breakdown or traffic conditions or severe weather). School attendance is very important and it is best to be prepared for any of these eventualities.
  • DCC will carry out regular pass checks throughout the year.
  • Drivers are not allowed to carry passengers who cannot show a valid pass.
  • If your child loses their pass during the day they should go to the school office to ask for a 10 day temporary pass. Click here to find out about transport passes information.
  • Further info available at: http://www.devon.gov.uk/school_transport

We have a large range of competitively priced stationery equipment available in our School Shop.

A selection of this stationery is available to purchase on MCAS. 

Your child can purchase the full range from student reception before school, during break, lunchtime and after school.

If the Fire Alarm goes off  staff and students leave the building from the nearest exit and walk sensibly to the Netball Courts where there is a space for each tutor group to stand. There are regular practices throughout the year so everyone is clear on what to do.

Students should let their teacher or tutor know if they feel ill and the teacher will support them to attend the first aid room if necessary. They will normally need a note from a teacher. First aid qualified staff will assess students on arrival and if they are too ill to stay in school a parent or carer will be contacted and arrangements made for them to go home.

It is important that parents’ contact details are kept up to date with the school.

Please contact the school on Telephone: 01271 373131,  each day your child is absent so it can be reported to their tutor.
Please be aware it is the School’s and the Government’s view that ever minute of every school day is vital.  If your child must take a holiday/activity absence in school time they can go to pupil reception and ask for an absence request form to take home for parent/carer to complete. Please return the completed form reception. Forms can also be found on our website. Attendance
Please note if you allow your child to miss School in term time you may be issued with a Penalty Notice per parent per child, or made the subject of court proceedings under Section 444 Education Act 1996.

Our SENDCo is Mrs Mills, she can be contacted via the school telephone number, you may wish to leave a message with our SEND Administrator or email the SEND department SEND@theparkschool.org.uk

Visit the SEND Devon County Council website for more information. https://new.devon.gov.uk/send/

Or visit the SEND page on our website.

If you need to talk to your child’s tutor, please ring the school office and ask for the tutor to ring you back.  Your call may not be returned until the next day, but if it is urgent, please ask to speak to the Head Of Year.

Alternatively you can email your child’s tutor directly.

Park email addresses are made up of initialsurname@theparkschool.org.uk

To find out out about our school uniform please take a look at our uniform policy

You will find information on what to buy and where to buy it from within the policy.

Log into My Child at School to top up your child’s dinner money.

Our how to guide will help you:

How to – Top up dinner money and view transactions

Please contact the School office, tel: 01271 373131 if you need any support.

The best way to reserve a place for your child and to pay for the trip is to use My Child At School.


Please view the term dates on our website.

Term dates calendar


Registration starts at 08:45, if your child arrives to school late they will receive a detention unless they have a note from their parent/carer.

If they arrive before 9am they should go straight to their tutor room to register with their tutor.

If they arrive after 9am then they will need to go to student reception to sign in. Following this they should go straight to their lesson and apologise to their teacher for being late.

If possible, please try to avoid making appointments for your child during school time.

If you have made an appointment during school time and you know in advance:

Please write a note for their Tutor to sign to give permission for your child to leave school.  The student is responsible for showing their class teacher what time they need to leave the lesson and for signing out at Student Reception so that we are aware they have left school.

When the student returns to school after the appointment, they must sign in at Student reception, so we are aware they have returned to school.