Parent Partnership Sessions

Parent Partnership Sessions

Parent/Carer Weekly Sessions

At the start of the new school year, weekly sessions are arranged to offer our parent’s/carers helpful information and advice on various topics – see copy of this School years Flyer below, for more information.

The current Parent Partnership Flyer is available here to print.

‘If you don’t know who to ask, ask Parent Partnership!’

The move from primary school to secondary school can be as difficult for parents as it is for children. In Primary school, you just seem to know what is going on when and where and how things work. However, at Secondary school it can all change. Not only do you have newly independent children who want to keep you at arms length but you also have a new, large and unknown school to deal with. The feeling of ‘not knowing’ can happen again when it is time to take options, exam time and many others. This is one of the reasons why the Parent Partnership action team was formed in 2008. Parent Partnership recognises that it can be difficult for parents to find out what they need to know and so works hard to ensure that the school works effectively in partnership with parents. The School is constantly seeking ways to improve and Parent Partnership also acts as a forum for parents to make suggestions on how the school can be further improved.

How does Parent Partnership work?

The Parent Partnership Action Team consists of a group of parents, senior staff and teachers who meet regularly. They undertake research and discussion with parents, carers and the local community to understand how the school partnership can continue to improve.

What about some successes?

  • The parent bulletin was created and sent out every Friday via email after it was identified that parents were not being informed of school news and activities for the following week.
  • Parent Partnership assisted with the development of a new Monitoring Report system which has resulted in parents/carers receiving a termly report on their child’s progress .
  • A ‘parent awareness’ evening was run attended by a wide range of local agencies giving parents information about help inside and outside of school.

How can I get involved?

The Parent Partnership Action Team meets every half term and you will be informed of the dates of these meetings. Please come along at any point to air a view or suggest a project. You will be asked for your opinions via questionnaires and other research. This could be face-to-face, by telephone, online or on paper. It would really help for you to put your view across, it really does matter!.

For more information or to ask any question please contact