Computing/ICT consist of 2 subjects:

  • Computing
  • iMedia

Take a look at the Options Video and Long Term Learning plans for each subject.


Computing is incredibly important in today’s world and all students should not only enjoy rapid access but also develop a sound understanding and ability to be digitally literate in a rapidly developing technological age. As a result, all departments have their own dedicated computer suites. The government’s target is 1 computer for every 5 students but we have improved this significantly to 1 computer to every 3 students!

We believe that all students must be prepared for the future and as a result all at this school will leave in Year 11 with a nationally recognised Computing/ICT qualification.

This is an exciting time for us all and we embrace change in the world around us and aim to support our students in the most appropriate formats. Our online Learning environment (the V.L.E. – Virtual Learning Environment) enables all learners to work both in school and at home accessing all of their learning materials, completing homework and participating in extended learning activities.

Computing Options Video


imedia Options Video