The overall course is 60% practical and 40% theory-based. Practically, students firstly get tested on their physical and expressive ability. This is worth 30% of the course where students perform two set phrases and one duet/trio performance. Students then take part in the choreography module worth 30% of the course whereby they choreograph a whole dance by themselves. The practical element of the course is challenging and dance experience will definitely help but all students can do it providing they are committed to the course. To improve their performance skills they will also be expected
to participate in the annual Dance Show.

Students can also expect a written exam lasting 1 hour 30 minutes whereby they will be assessed on choreographic processes, performance skills and six professional works. The six professional works include a range of styles and students will need a clear passion and appreciation for all dance to study each work in detail.

The course will inspire and challenge any student with a genuine interest in dance.

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