Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages consists of:

  • French
  • Spanish

Take a look at the Options Video and Long Term Learning plans for each subject.

We believe that all students can benefit from the study of a Modern Foreign Language and are given the opportunity to do so through a wide variety of proven teaching and learning techniques. This includes varied speaking activities, drilling new vocabulary, understanding different reading texts, listening to foreign extracts to pick out the key pieces of information, the use of ICT and the active use of the target language as much as possible.  KS3 and KS4 courses are carefully planned and regularly reviewed, integrating the language and the culture of a wide range of countries to encourage understanding and wider appreciation for a fast changing world in which aptitude in a language has an increasingly important role.

All students start learning Spanish in Year 7. In Year 8, the most able students will begin to study French as well. In Year 9, pupils can either continue with both languages or just study one and students are encouraged to continue with languages at GCSE.

A GCSE in Modern Foreign Languages is highly valued by further institutions and employers alike. The logical and analytical skills gained in the process of learning a language learners to become more confident and understand their language better as well as French or Spanish.

Spanish Options Video

French Options Video