The KS3 music curriculum aims to give students the opportunity to learn a variety of different instruments in class as well as sing.  The curriculum is designed to teach students music from a range of cultures and genres.

Students can choose to study music at GCSE level and have access to a wide range of resources to aid their learning.  This includes a suite of Apple Mac computers, essential for composing and notating music.

The music department also produces a Christmas and Summer Concert each year.  These concerts provide a platform for all the school music groups, clubs to perform at least twice a year.  Students also perform music at the Summer Fete, Community Art Exhibitions, Primary Schools, and Awards Presentations.

The school hosts the weekly gathering and rehearsals of the Devon Music Centre.

Instrumental Tuition

Your child can have individual or group tuition in most instruments and enjoy making music in the one of the many school music groups.  Singing lessons are also available.  There is a wide variety of clubs and groups including: school band, school choir, senior singers, string ensemble, ukulele club and rock band tuition.  The cost is heavily subsidised and there is an instrument scheme so that these opportunities are made available for everyone. We regard music making as very important and valuable and we are very keen to encourage every students who is interested to take part.

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