Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE)

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE)

PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education) is taught to all students from our school, through lessons delivered by the tutors, assemblies, dramas and intervention by external agencies. The subject is taught discretely and is at the heart of the curriculum, delivered period 5 every Friday.

We have created an extremely comprehensive program of study, aiming to promote independent, healthy, responsible and well-rounded members of society. We cover numerous topics over the 5 years, from settling into school and body changes to personal finance and our political systems. At Park School, we also include Citizenship, British Values and Careers Education as part of our PSHEE lessons. Age-appropriate Relationships and Sex Education is delivered by the tutors as part of the program.

Sex & Relationships Education

We believe that it is important to address relationships and sex as we have a duty to prepare young people to take their part in the adult world in a manner which fulfils the expectations of society, we furthermore have to create the capacity to manage oneself as an adult successfully, including understanding and constructive use of one’s own sexuality.

Link to Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Link to Relationship and Sex Education at Park School Programme


Our Relationships and Sex Education Policy (RSE) will:

  • provide accurate and up to date information for all;
  • help students identify healthy and unhealthy relationships;
  • Allow the school to teach RSE with due regard to the developing sexuality of the young person;
  • include parents/carers whenever possible, recognising that parents/carers are an essential element in a child’s RSE;
  • promote the values of stable relationships and mutual respect;
  • ensure students understand that decisions have consequences and develop a sense of responsibility;
  • encourage the delay of the onset of an active sexual life until the adolescent is fully mature in their attitudes and views towards sexuality and are aware of all the consequences;
  • Allow students to recognise that RSE is not concerned entirely with facts; but also with behaviour, attitudes and values.  Young people need to explore and debate issues and the imposition of views and attitudes needs to be guarded against;
  • provide a comprehensive body of knowledge and understanding of sexual health to manage fertility and avoid infections.

We encourage the pupils to explore these topics through discussions, videos and reflective questions. Some will make notes in their books, others will act in role plays. It is part of our vision that every lesson will be relevant to our pupils, whether in their teenage years or once they are on their own personal journey after they have left Park.

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Year 7Settling in

Road safety


Your identity (inc gender identity)



Self esteem and peer pressure



First Aid

Healthy living

Online safety

What does it mean to be British?

Political system

Healthy relationships
Year 8Vaccination

Eating disorders

Body image



Emotional and mental health

Loss, separation and bereavement


CSE (child sexual exploitation- recognising the signs)

Prejudice and discrimination




Gender inequalities

British values and PREVENT

Law and you


Year 9Mental health

Online stress

Healthy living inc sleep

Rights and responsibilities

County lines


Cannabis and legal highs


Your data online
Relationship and Sex education inc gender identity

Marriage and family

Running away from home
Year 10Work experience preparation

Sex and relationship education inc. Consent and STIs


Finance inc. debt

Road safety


Work experience preparation
Year 11Careers





Pregnancy and choices