First Aid at The Park School

First Aid at The Park School

The school has a dedicated first aid room to treat emergency first aid from 8:30am-4:30pm.
There is a principal first aider and a team of additional first aid trained staff for support and backup.

The school does not have a medically trained professional or qualified school nurse on site. First Aiders are not qualified to make a medical diagnosis and are not able to treat pre-existing medical conditions, other than to dispense GP prescribed or parent-authorised medication.

Parents are asked to keep children at home if they are unwell at the start of a school day and/or seek medical attention from their own GP if children are suffering from an ongoing medical condition. You may find this NHS website link useful NHS – is my child too ill for school?

If your child is unwell during school

Students should report to First Aid with a fresh, signed and dated pink slip from a staff member. They will only be given permission if it is an emergency or they have a First Aid Pass.
They will be assessed by a school first aider who will either treat as necessary or send home if they feel that is appropriate.

Students are encouraged to look after themselves by eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of fluids during the day.

Contact Details

Please ensure you update us with any changes to your child’s medical details and your contact details. Please inform the school if you plan to be away overseas or nationally so that the first point of contact can be amended on our system, in case we need to contact home.

First Aid & Administration of Medicine

The school has a dedicated first aid room to treat emergency first aid; there are two principal first aiders and several trained first aiders throughout the school.

Use of Paracetamol

The Park Community School’s general policy is to issue Paracetamol for those students who are in need of pain relief in the event of: headaches, earaches, toothaches, stomach cramps or muscular pain. The School will only administer 1×500 mg tablet or 2 x 5ml liquid, with a minimum of four hours between doses. For hygiene reasons we do not break tablets in order to administer a half-tablet dosage.

We will never administer this without first checking with your child when the previous medication containing Paracetamol, e.g. Lemsip was taken. We will take your child’s word on this however, you could help us by emailing to inform us if you have administered any medication containing Paracetamol that morning.

If Paracetamol is requested often, we will contact you in case there is a medical reason for this. In some cases we may ask parents to supply Paracetamol tablets for their child to be held by the school. Note that students are NOT permitted to carry or administer their own Paracetamol in school.
Link to the First Aid and Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy

Paracetamol Opt-Out

If you do not wish for paracetamol to be administered to your child, please indicate this on the Consent Form page within the Admission Form or via the My Child At School App.

Prescribed Medicine

Administration of any prescribed medicines will only be considered with a completed green, Parental Agreement To Administer Medicines Form, available from the school office. The medicine must be in the original packaging with the child’s name and prescription label.
Examples of these would be EpiPens, antihistamine or migraine tablets. Antibiotics/Medications can only be administered if it is prescribed four times daily, less than that should be administered at home.

School Nursing Service

The School Nursing Service provides information and support to school-aged children and their families to:

  • identify health needs across the school population and plan how we will work together to deliver the core offer over the academic year
  • identify children and young people who may require support at transition deliver the National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP)
  • identify children and young people who may be missing from education and where there may be a need for public health nursing support
  • provide support, and advice in relation to toileting issues, healthy lifestyles, sleep routines and mental health and well being
  • work with Devon Partnerships as part of Early Help, SEND and safeguarding as appropriate
  • provide appointment clinics for young people in arrangement with secondary schools

The school nursing team can be contact details are:
Tel: 0333 234 1904