Park House System

Park House System

On entering the school students are placed in one of five Houses and remain in this House throughout their time at The Park.

The House system is a source of considerable pride for students. Each House has its own identity and colours, with students wearing their House colour as part of their uniform; on school ties, coloured blouses and PE kits.

The House system provides students with opportunities to work together as a team and to compete in an open and friendly way. Multiple inter-House competitions run throughout the year, from academic and progress achievement awards to sport competitions – click here to view our news blogs. Each House also makes regular collections for charities of their choice and this plays an important role in the life of the school. From Year 7 onwards, students are encouraged to participate in House and School Councils which involve students directly in their school and ways of improving it. This is extended in Year 11 when students are encouraged to accept responsibility as Prefects, led by a House Head Prefect with their deputies.

Tutors are members of the same House as their Tutor Group. A students’ Tutor will stay with them for the five year journey through school and will be the first person students can turn to for support.

Encouraging Character Development

Students are encouraged to develop their self by completing activities and recording them in their House Record Card to collect points. They measure their progress supported by their Tutor against a criteria set out below:

Participation – take part in something including academic, extra-curricular, sporting or voluntary

Aspiration – be the best you can be to achieve your academic targets and  display excellent attitude to learning

Responsibility – take care of yourself and others, develop a sense of responsibility for yourself, your school and your wider community

Kindness – be friendly, generous and considerate. Show kindness to others with your positive actions for local and global impact

Activities and tasks can be completed independently, in lessons or extra-curricular activities, at home or in the wider community.

Points add up and completion of each stage leads to an award presented by Head of House in the form of badges and certificates through the celebratory House Assemblies at the end of each term.