Chichester House

Chichester House

Head of House – Mr Michael Cuthbertson

Chichester Tutor Groups:

Year 7: MP, LT
Year 8: AL, IK
Year 9: EF, PS
Year 10: GR, MT
Year 11: DW, JG

House Head Prefects – Bethany Key, Toby Mansell
House Deputy Head Prefect – Sophie Jones, Phoebe Hughes, Louis Chopra

Sir Francis Charles Chichester KBE (17 September 1901 – 26 August 1972), was an aviator and sailor born in Barnstaple in 1901. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for becoming the second person to sail single-handed around the world, and the fastest circumnavigator, achieving this feat in nine months and one day!