Fortescue House

Fortescue House

Head of House – Mr Al Blanchard

Tutor Groups:

Year 7: HU, ES
Year 8: PR, IJ
Year 9: DC, RK
Year 10: KD, DL
Year 11: AP, KW

House Head Prefects – Ollie Berry, Florence Skinner
House Deputy Head Prefects – Miles Howells, Anisha Williams

History Of Fortescue

The Fortescue name is thought to come from a local family who owned land and manor houses around Devon and can be traced back as far as the 12th Century. Sir John Fortescue (1394– 1480) was Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales during the reign of Henry VI and there is still a law society named after him at Oxford University. The family are particularly associated with manors in Weare Giffard and the estate around Castle Hill, Filleigh.

A portrait hangs in the Fortescue office of John William Fortescue, 2nd son of Hugh who was the 2nd Earl of Fortescue (1819-1859). John Fortescue, is known for writing the definitive history of the British Military from the Norman conquest to the First World War, which consists of 20 volumes and is still available today.

Fundraising for Charity

Fortescue House has always prided itself on it’s fundraising for charity. Most recently we had the honour of naming the Guide Dog Puppy Phoenix due to the amount of money raised, and tutor group AW met the puppy Kingsley as the tutor group who raised the most money that year. Our annual Charity Challenge, whilst having been on hold due to Covid, regularly raises in excess of £600 – hopefully we will be able to do this again soon!