Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support

House System

One of the most important elements of The Park Community School is our House System. It is a source of pride and loyalty for students and staff alike. On entering the school each student will be placed into one of our five Houses: Chichester, Drake, Fortescue, Kingsley or Raleigh. House membership is denoted by uniform colour. Every term we hold inter-house competitions, events and activities which students become quickly engaged in. We hold weekly House Assemblies and students are encouraged to become active members of their tutor groups and make a contribution to our School Council.


The Tutor is a key member of our pastoral care. Tutors will stay with their tutees from Year 7 to the end of their time at the school in Year 11. This helps to develop meaningful and respectful relationships with tutees and their family. Students receive a 20 minute daily morning registration period with their Tutor. During this time they will be engaged in active citizenship, completing  administration tasks, homework and uniform checks, collecting merits or discussing topical and relevant issues. Students also take part in two assemblies per week, one with their House and the second with their year group. This relationship, along with the Head of House and Deputy Head of House, helps to build confidence, self-esteem and develop skills that will be useful as students move through the school.

Head of House

The Head of House is responsible for all students in the House. This unique and respected system allows the feeling of a small school. Each House will consist of approximately 300 students from Year 7 to Year 11. The Head of House will also quickly establish relationships with students and their families, allowing for good home/school relations. The Head of House is responsible for the academic, social and cultural development of students across their House. They are concerned about the progress, welfare, standards and safety of their students, working hard to ensure every student is known as an individual and achieves to the best of their ability.

Senior Leadership Team

An Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher work alongside other senior colleagues to support the work of Tutors and Heads of House. Having key senior staff with responsibility for Student Support, Safety, Wellbeing and Community ensures that this remains a key feature of our school. We are rightly proud of our excellent reputation for the House System and outstanding pastoral care.