School Uniform

PE Kit

The School Uniform Policy is available by following this link Uniform Policy. It includes details of stockists and helpful information on how to order.

Students must wear their uniform every day unless there is a ‘non-uniform day’. The way students wear their uniform is very important: They should always be smartly dressed. The school has both the right and the responsibility to question students ‘smartness’ on a daily basis.

In making a decision about what constitutes acceptable uniform and appearance, the decision of the Headteacher/Leadership Team and School Community Board is final. If a student should come to school in non-uniform, they must anticipate being asked to wear appropriate school uniform from school stock, be sent home to change or to be placed in our success centre whilst we contact parents and/or until rectified.

If there is any doubt about whether a particular item is acceptable, parents should check directly with the school before purchasing. The school reserves the right to ban certain unforeseen items that may come in as fads or fashion items and therefore are not specifically stated in our uniform code

Other Uniform Standards

Outdoor Attire: Outdoor coats should be warm and waterproof. Coats made of sweatshirt material and/or with printed/marked wording (other than singular brand name/logo) are not acceptable. Blazers must always be worn under coats. Hoodies are not acceptable. Scarves are not to be worn as a substitute for a coat, but only worn with a coat.

Jewellery: One watch and no more than two pairs of small stud earrings. These must be removable for PE.

Nose studs: One small stud will be allowed. These must be removable for PE. No other piercings are allowed.

Hair: Must be in an appropriate style for school. It must not reflect any extreme of fashion. Unnatural hair colours are not acceptable nor is hair that is more than one colour. The School reserves the right, on an individual basis, to determine if a hairstyle is deemed inappropriate. ‘Tramlines’ and patterns are not acceptable for school.

Discreet Make-Up is permitted: A small covering of foundation is acceptable in the natural skin tone, any other make-up must be discreet.

Eyelashes:-Eyelashes must be natural looking and of a natural length.

Nails: Any nail varnish should be clear for a natural colour. False nails and/or nail extensions are not allowed.

Denims, Jeans, Skinny fit trousers are not acceptable; and Hoodies: are not included in The Park School Uniform Policy and therefore are not to be worn with the exception of Park School PE/Dance Hoodies during PE.

Skirts should be worn at a modest length, and not rolled up at the waist.

Blazers to be worn unless students are advised during hot weather that it is a “Non-Blazer Day” when students should still carry their blazer with them to school.