Ethos, Vision and Core Values

Ethos, Vision and Core Values

Our vision is for every member of the Park community to discover a passion for learning; to have high aspirations of themselves and others, so everyone can achieve to the very best of their potential. We believe it is our responsibility to provide the correct blend of support and challenge, giving students a range of skills and characteristics that will allow them to lead successful, happy, and fulfilled lives. We aim to do this by creating confident, resilient and adaptable learners – learners who are curious, courageous, trusting and not afraid to try new things, learners who understand that failure is part of the learning process, learners who will become lifelong ambassadors for The Park and its community.

Our vision is for The Park Community School to become a leader in education across Devon, with a national reputation for excellence.  In working to achieve this we aim to provide the best opportunities, facilities and environment for our students, staff and community. Staff will receive development and feedback opportunities, thereby continually developing their teaching, enhancing their knowledge, skills and enjoyment.  By developing motivated and highly skilled staff Park will become the school of choice for students and parents in North Devon; our students will be known for being well behaved, having good manners, a respect for themselves and others, and acting with integrity and honesty.  Students will know how to stay safe (both online and in public) and will recognise the importance of making healthy choices.

Our vision is that students are ambassadors for our community, leaving the school as proactive, yet reflective learners. Park School students will be articulate, literate, numerate and confident working both independently and as part of a team. They will show an understanding and acceptance of other people’s views and opinions.  Park School students will understand their role in society and be ready to make positive contributions as leaders of the future.

I am always pleased to meet parents and their children so that we can discuss young people’s future education and development. This also provides an opportunity for you to tour the school, see our facilities, and meet students and teachers working together in different curriculum areas. Please ring my secretary at the school to arrange an appointment.

Ms V Owen, Headteacher