RAF Presentation

RAF Presentation

On the 17th November Sgt Liam Quinn from the RAF’s Recruiting, Selection and Careers Engagement Team paid a visit to us to deliver an inspiring and informative presentation on ‘A Career in the RAF’ followed by an insightful Q&A session.

All pupils from Years 9,10 and 11 were given the opportunity to sign-up for the presentation, with many of them following up the experience with more detailed questioning for Sgt Quinn at the Careers Fair, later in the term.

The pupils were astounded at the possible opportunities within the RAF. Sgt Quinn began the presentation by explaining what is educational background was and how he joined the RAF, he also gave detailed information on the following:

The Role of the Royal Air Force

The Roles and Professions


Recruitment Journey

Missions and deployments

The Benefits -including- skills training and education, sport, adventure training, accommodation, pay, pride, welfare support and travel opportunities 

Role of the Reserves

We would like to thank Sgt Quinn for joining us for the day and for being part of our Careers Fair.

Sgt Quinn complimented all of the pupils on their fantastic conduct and detailed questioning. He looks forward to coming back into our school next year, to deliver another excellent presentation.