My name is Caroline Hill and I am the new Assistant Head and SENDCO at The Park Community School.  My ethos, surrounding supporting young people on their educational journey, sits in harmony with the whole school ethos and I believe that students, no matter what their starting point, have the right to a full education, including wellbeing, challenge and aspirations for their futures.
I have been in education for 22 years, and have 10 years primary experience.  I have worked in inner city Bristol for the last 12 years, where I have developed personally and professionally, leading and mentoring SENDCOs to gain further knowledge of specific areas of SEN/D and how best to deploy TAs under the 2014 Code of Practice.  
I am also passionate about identifying gaps in learning and helping close those gaps through targeted interventions.  In addition, having high expectations for all young people to achieve their very best and become well rounded members of the community and workforce.
I look forward to meeting you all during the course of the coming years.

Single Equality and Accessibility Action Plan


This document will be revieved by the Governing Board in December 2021

Please find attached the 2020/21 SEND Information Report


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