Park enjoys a record-breaking Sports Day

Park enjoys a record-breaking Sports Day

Written by Mr Slee, PE Teacher / TLL

The atmosphere at The Park School has been electric over the past few weeks as students showcased their physical talents and camaraderie at our annual Sports Day. The build-up to the big event included year team competitions in throwing, jumping, and middle-distance running, setting the stage for an exhilarating day of final events and record-breaking performances.

Middle-Distance Events and Throws and Jumps:

  • The throws and jumps saw impressive performances, with students vying to qualify for the finals.
  • Reuben Tancock (Chichester) broke the Year 8 javelin record with a remarkable throw of 27.80 metres, showcasing his strength and technique.
  • Jayden Lovelock (Chichester) set a new record in the shot put with a throw of 8.38 metres, illustrating his power and precision.
  • Middle-distance races were highly competitive. A special mention to Heidi Clarke (Yr8 Raleigh), Oscar McRae (Yr8 Drake) who won both the 800m and 1500m events.

Sports Day Highlights

On June 21st, our Top Field was a vibrant sea of house colours as students, teachers, and support staff gathered to witness the sprint finals and relay races. The excitement was palpable, and the competition was fierce.

Sprint Finals and Relays:

  • The sprint finals were the highlight of the day, with year groups competing head-to-head.
  • A standout performance came from Reggie Staddon, who broke the Year 7 100m record with an astonishing time of 13.34 seconds, demonstrating exceptional speed and power.
  • Ashley Down shattered the Inter Boys 200m record with a time of 23.47 seconds, surpassing a record that had stood since 1974. This remarkable achievement was one of the day’s most celebrated moments.
  • The relay races were thrilling, with each house striving for victory. The teamwork and coordination were impressive, making the races some of the most exciting events of the day.

Overall House Championship

The competition for the overall house championship was intense, but in the end, Kingsley emerged victorious, claiming the title of Sports Day champions. Their consistent performances across all events and the enthusiastic support from their house members were key to their success.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants and record-breakers. A special thanks to the teachers, staff, and volunteers who organised and facilitated the events, ensuring everything ran smoothly. 

The 2024 Park School Sports Day was a fantastic celebration of athleticism, teamwork, and school spirit. We look forward to seeing even more incredible performances and records broken in the future.

Well done, Park School!

Congratulations to our individual trophy winners

Congratulations to our individual trophy winners

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