Storytelling Assembly Delights Year 7 with Clive PIG

Storytelling Assembly Delights Year 7 with Clive PIG

Written by Miss Perkins, English Teacher

Year 7 students were treated to an engaging and interactive storytelling assembly featuring interactive storyteller Clive PIG, igniting their imaginations and transporting them to the awe-inspiring world of Everest.

Assembled in the school hall, students were swiftly immersed in the captivating tale of the first successful Everest climbers, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Through Clive Pig’s dynamic storytelling, they learned about the determination and essentials needed to conquer the world’s highest peak.

The assembly took an exciting turn as Mr. Tamlyn and Mr. Hague engaged in a race to don Everest essential gear, injecting a dose of laughter and excitement into the proceedings. Students cheered on as the teachers hurriedly dressed, adding a lively twist to the storytelling experience.

Clive PIG then wove a tale of Everest legend, captivating the Year 7 audience with the mystery of the elusive Yeti. Gripped by his storytelling prowess, students were transported to the snowy slopes of Everest, enthralled by the mythical creature’s tale.

The assembly concluded on a high note with a student race, where participants donned Everest gear and raced against each other, bringing the storytelling experience full circle in a fun and engaging manner.

This storytelling-focused assembly provided Year 7 students with a memorable and entertaining start to the first week back after Easter, igniting their passion for storytelling and adventure.