Students Dive into the Art of Storytelling at Workshop Day

Students Dive into the Art of Storytelling at Workshop Day

Written by Miss Perkins, English Teacher

Students and their adult guests embarked on a captivating journey of storytelling during a recent workshop day hosted by The Park Community School and supported by Inspire South West. The event, held in the school hall, immersed participants in the enchanting world of narratives, fostering a deeper appreciation for storytelling and its profound impact.

The workshop, led by interactive  storyteller Clive PIG, unfolded over 2 and a half hours of immersive activities and discussions. From sharing personal anecdotes to exploring the intricacies of narrative construction, students and their guests delved into the art of storytelling with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Central to the day’s activities was a focus on the book “Everest: The Remarkable Story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay“. This gripping tale of triumph and perseverance served as a catalyst for discussions on courage, determination, and the power of storytelling to inspire and connect.

Each student received a copy of the book to take home, igniting a continuation of the story experience beyond the workshop. Armed with newfound insights and a tangible reminder of the day’s exploration, participants were empowered to explore the depths of storytelling in their own lives.

Amidst the enriching discussions and activities, students and their guests enjoyed refreshments, fostering a relaxed atmosphere conducive to meaningful exchanges. Paired with fellow participants, they shared insights, perspectives, and reflections on the reading, further enriching the collective experience.

The success of the workshop day was made possible through the support of Inspire South West, whose commitment to fostering creativity and learning enriches the education of our students. 

As students departed, they carried with them not only a copy of “Everest” but also a newfound appreciation for the art of storytelling.