Students take on Exmoor Challenge

Students take on Exmoor Challenge

Written by Mr Worsfold – D&T Teacher / 2nd in Department / Outdoor Education Co-ordinator

On the Saturday of Bank holiday I took two teams over to Dulverton to take part in the yearly Exmoor challenge.

The Exmoor Challenge is a 16 mile loop out of Dulverton. It includes rough terrain, beautiful scenery (Tarr steps) and everything else that comes from being on your feet walking for a whole day (blisters).

The Exmoor Challenge is a way for the students who didn’t make it into the Ten tors teams to complete a challenge and put their Ten tors training into practice.

Both teams set off at 11am, it was a warm sunny day, perfect conditions for a day out walking on Exmoor.

The challenge is a 5 hour walk, the teams are awarded points for arriving either before or after their allocated time at a series of checkpoints. The team with the least points is the winner. It is not a race as such, more a test of punctuality!

The girls team made it back to Dulverton about 16 minutes late. They were in great form and really proud to have finished. 

Unfortunately the boys team were much later finishing. One student became injured but wanted to finish so they carried on slowly, showing real determination to do this despite being in a lot of pain. 

After being awarded their completion medals and having some free cake, the students departed home. They were tired but felt proud that they had achieved something special.