The Park Community School

Our vision is for every member of the Park community to discover a passion for learning; to have high aspirations of themselves and others, so everyone can achieve to the very best of their potential.

Our vision is that students are pro-active, yet reflective learners. Park School students will be articulate, literate, numerate and confident working both independently and as part of a team. They will show an understanding and acceptance of other people’s views and opinions.  Park School students will understand their role in society and be ready to make positive contributions as leaders of the future.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide the correct blend of support and challenge, giving students a range of skills and characteristics which will allow them to lead successful, happy, and fulfilled lives. We aim to do this by creating confident, resilient and adaptable learners – learners who are curious, courageous, trusting and not afraid to try new things, learners who understand that failure is part of the learning process, learners who will become lifelong ambassadors for The Park and its community.

Our core values are embedded in the school culture and act as a reminder and guide to how every member of our school will conduct themselves.

We believe in learning beyond the classroom and provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences, we offer students the opportunity to attend a number of residential activities during their time with us. An overnight stay, residentials or visits to another country, supports learning and enrichment.

There is an extensive programme at Park with a huge variety of impressive opportunities available to all students. From Year 7 through to Year 11, students can take advantage of the wonderful range of activities available to them.

We celebrate success and achievement and believe that with the right attitude to learning (AtL), there are no limits to what you can achieve.

We have worked with our students to define what excellent ‘AtL’ looks like. We strive for all Park students to have the following excellent AtL:

  • You are enthusiastic and ready to learn.
  • You are proactive, asking questions and tackling new tasks and working hard to make progress.
  • Classwork and homework are completed consistently to the best of your ability.
  • You are a good example to others, always trying to reach set targets and with support and encouragement sometimes going above and beyond what is asked.
  • You are fully equipped for lessons.

If you can demonstrate an excellent AtL, then Park is for you. Our teaching and pastoral systems reinforce this. We reward positive attitudes and take prompt actionto promote student ownership where high standards are not observed.

We recognise and celebrate those with an excellent AtL through:

  • Celebration events.
  • Prominent AtL display boards.
  • Priority for school events, activities and sports fixtures.