Ten Tors 2019

Ten Tors 2019

Both teams of year 10 students were successful in completing the challenge as complete teams. The students are to be congratulated for the way they conducted themselves throughout the Challenge period.

The weather over the weekend was cloudy and warm on Saturday, with a steady wind. Sunday was sunny and hot, again with a steady wind.

All finished in fine fettle, and were glad to have completed the challenge.

Team A consisted of:
1. Saul Bell-West Team leader/Navigator.
2. Amelia Pengelly Navigator
3. Joseph Floyd Navigator
4. Harry Thomas
5. Louie Van Rossen-Boyd
6. Poppy Phillips

Team A finished at 12:19

Team B consisted of:
1. Harriet Adams Team leader/Navigator
2. Lauren Brooks Navigator
3. Ethan Brown Navigator
4. Isabella Dyer
5. Taylor Burgess
6. Emma Blackie (from West Buckland)

Team B finished at 15:01

The outdoor training staff are very pleased and proud of you all. It is a tremendous achievement to complete the challenge. Well Done!

Mr Ratcliffe