Ten Tors Practice Walk 5

Ten Tors Practice Walk 5

Written by Mr Worsfold, Teacher of Design and Technology, Engineering & Outdoor Education Coordinator

Here we go again!

We had another brilliant couple of days training over the weekend. On Saturday Mollie and Graham took 7 students for a local walk up to Codden Hill while Chris, Al and myself took 10 for a day out on Dartmoor. It was a miserable day which can best be described as mizzly. However once again the students showed resilience and walked with enthusiasm for 15 miles.
At this stage of training we are letting them do sections of the walk unaided, having to navigate on their own. Conditions were less than ideal with really poor visibility. They showed the skills they have learnt so far and did really well throughout the day. Making mistakes but more importantly, reflecting and learning from them.
By early evening we had brought both groups back to school to cook dinner and camp. However we decided to put the tents up and camp in the school hall to save having to dry them out. We made them do this in the dark using head torches, just to make it a little more authentic!
While Mollie and I tucked into a pizza, the students ate camp food and settled down to watch Everest on the big screen. Who doesn’t like a good, gritty film about a real life mountaineering disaster!
We woke them up on Sunday at 6am to pack up the camp and get ready to do the alternative walk from the previous day.
This time Mollie took the 10 up to Codden Hill with Gustav and I took 6 (we lost one due to illness) to Dartmoor with Tyler. Again we were faced with poor visibility and cold, wet conditions. Although being tired from staying up late talking and watching TikTok until the early hours, the students dug deep to complete the 15 mile loop. Special mention goes to Rhys Gordon and Chloe Cole who were pretty travel sick on the way down to Dartmoor, they both showed great character to just get on with what the day had to bring.
Another amazing effort from the staff who helped out and to the students that put themselves forward to take part in Ten Tors!

The Ten Tors challenge is for a team of 6 to walk up to the top of 10 of Dartmoor’s famous Tors (A lump of exposed rock at the top of a hill). This is done over a distance of 35, 45 or 55 miles and participants also need to carry the equipment they will use for the camp that is required overnight.  

It is an event organised and run by the Army to give young people the opportunity to complete something that is physically and mentally challenging. 

We are currently preparing for the Ten Tors event with a series of practice walks both locally and on Dartmoor itself.