Ten Tors – Walk 3

Ten Tors – Walk 3

On Saturday we took 28 students out for another training walk, this time it was along the South West coast path in North Devon. The students started at Saunton Church and walked to Bull Point lighthouse, a distance of 21 kilometres with lots of elevation gain included in the walk. It was very windy with some rain in the morning to add to the fun!

This was a physical test for the students, they were carrying all the required equipment for the Ten Tors event. This included camping equipment, meaning they had very heavy backpacks. It was the next step up in their training and for some it was a step too far. 23 made it to the end of the walk, all very tired and for most, a test of both their physical and mental resilience.

Once again the students conducted themselves superbly. Working together at times and supporting each other when needed. A huge thanks to the Park team of staff who supported.


The Ten Tors challenge is for a team of 6 to walk up to the top of 10 of Dartmoor’s famous Tors (A lump of exposed rock at the top of a hill). This is done over a distance of 35, 45 or 55 miles and participants also need to carry the equipment they will use for the camp that is required overnight.  

It is an event organised and run by the Army to give young people the opportunity to complete something that is physically and mentally challenging. 

We are currently preparing for the Ten Tors event with a series of practice walks both locally and on Dartmoor itself.